Black Horse Originals on Youtube

This week marks the release of our channel on Youtube!

We are expanding where you can see our content! Earlier this year we launched “Black Horse Originals” which is our original in house content purely for your entertainment.

What do we do in our original content?

I’m glad you ask.

We have a few different different shows rolling out now and more on the way. Everything like comedy shorts, Behind the Scenes shenanigans, Holiday fun, Vlogs, and our new show called “Meet the Pros”. This is a platform where local professionals in different industries to a sit down interview and talk about what it is they do and gives these local business a little exposure and have some fun with us. We end every interview with a fun challenge and a game. Most recently we smashed eggs on out faces.

Remember, it’s all for your enjoyment.

You can think of “Meet the Pros” as Buffalo, NY focused late night talk show. Being from Buffalo, we have a strong sense of community and love let people into our culture and encourage people and business to collaborate and work to build eachother.

The goal of our channel and content is number one to provide entertainment, but also as a video production business we want to show who we are as people and give people some transparency to our personalities to help put faces behind our company.

The link to our channel is here

We would love it if you subscribed or even just checked out a few of our videos. We are working hard to bring as much quality content as we can to your screens. We also love feedback from our audience and community members.

Have an idea for a video, or even someone who would enjoy being on “Meet the Pros”? Let us know!