Top Ten Wedding Shoot Locations 2017

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This week we sat and talked a little about our favorite shoot locations of the 2017 wedding season! You can check out the video below!


We decided to count down our 10 favorite wedding shoot locations from this past season. This is the part of the wedding day where the wedding party and the videographers and photographers do the video and photo shoots. It’s one of the most  fun parts of the day!

So what do we look for in the best locations?

Probably the most important factor to locations for weddings is the couples comfort level. Usually they have ideas in mind, from research they’ve done or special places to them. It’s their day after all and places they love always turn out amazing! Other factors we looked for on our are lighting, parking, how busy it will be and weather adaptability.

With out further adieu!

Number 10: Albright Knox / Hoyt Lake / Delaware Park

This location is extremely popular and for good reason. Plenty of options when around Delaware park. Form the art gallery to the lake it offers a wide range of different looks and feel. Weather you want the beautiful stone columns of the gallery to the nature and wide open views of the lake. As a bonus these are all a one minute walk from each other. This is always a very reliable go to for amazing shots, but to the same account there are still some downsides. Because of its popularity there are often multiple wedding parties gathered here through out the season, so occasionally you have to wait for your turn at shooting. During the summer months the park is also pretty busy, with plenty of people around. Luckily the space is large enough where when people see cameras and the whole wedding party they stray away from interfering.

Number 9: Central Terminal

Central Terminal is one of Buffalo’s most amazing spots. With one of the most distinct looks it makes for some amazing shots. People love the Art Deco architecture as well as the amazing history that it represents. Being an indoor location it is perfect for the times of year that the weather isn’t always guaranteed to be nice for outdoor shoots. The only caveat to this is that it is by appointment only and is not always available, but this does mean you will get the entire place to yourself with no interruptions.

Number 8: Baseball Diamonds

We had the pleasure this year to go to baseball diamonds with a wedding party to film. This spot was very cool because we were able to completely utilize the space. We ad equipment to actually play ball and it created for some amazing moments. This is a great example of going a little outside the box to a location that isn’t a historic or known place, but one that is very important to the couple. When we get to do these sort of shots it makes for a lot of fun for the bride and groom as they usually have history with the spot and their comfortability comes across well on camera. These are often childhood places, spots where they met or even just a favorite date spot. Often the only tough part sometimes can be the unpredictability of shoot conditions. Where many of the other places on this list are done multiple times a year the videographers and photographers have plenty of experience with them. With the locations like this it allows your video/photographer to get out of the comfort zone and get really creative.

Number 7: Knox Farm State Park

Knox Farm is an unbelievably beautiful location in East Aurora, NY. The vibe here is very country, out doors, and nature oriented. With beautiful lines of trees, lots of fields, and the farm houses there are plenty of amazing spots here to get different looks with great backdrops. (there is also a full dog park, so bring the furry friends!) Being all the way in East Aurora, it is about 40 minutes form downtown Buffalo and lots of the venues so it’s not always good for a tight schedule or if you want to hit a few locations during the day. Arguably the best times for Knox farm visits is for the fall weddings. The colors are AMAZING and the views become even better with the leaves beginning to fall.

Number 6: Gallagher Pier / Beach

Located at the outer harbor of Buffalo, Gallagher Pier offers something special and unique. Combining a beach front pier with the old industry of Buffalo, old grain elevators over look the beach and can be used as awesome back drops along with the lake. Certainly the board walk and the pier itself make for excellent shots as well.  The location is great because in the hot summer months it offers the breeze coming off the water, which also makes for some great flowing dresses and veils for the shoot. (but be warned hair may be affected).

Number 5: Broderick park

This small but amazing park is downtown on the Niagara River directly on the boarder of the US and Canada. The back drop to the park is the Peace Bridge which makes for an awesome shoot opportunity and a grand and romantic feel. The park also offers paths with lines of trees and a stage with stone steps for all your shooting looks. The best part of the park is the Water Walk, which is a path on a break wall that goes right under the Peace Bridge! This allows to have amazing rock formations, the bridge and the river on both sides of you for amazing and romantic shots. This one is gaining and popularity and we hope to be back here a few more times next season!

Number 4: Ted’s Hot Dogs

Yes Teds. In Buffalo, we love our amazing and local food joints. We’re famous for some of the best food in the country and we are not afraid to live it. Our local eateries become staples of the community and the people. As a hub for this we’ve had couples that have met at these spots and they become very important places to them. Also through out the wedding day you may find yourself get a tad hungry, and where a lot of people have some catering in the limo stopping for a bite to eat at a amazing spot is always a fun option and it will hold you until the dinner which may seem forever away. You certainly don’t want to end up hangry.

Number 3: Cobblestone District

One of downtown Buffalo’s coolest districts. The Cobble Stone district gets it famous name from.. well… the cobblestone roads, who would’ve thought. Anyways this area is beautiful for very industrial looks, the stone, the brick work buildings and the colors offer amazing looks for any shot. It is just a small area consisting of only 4 streets so it is a quick one to hit for a few amazing shots. We love coming here it is always fun and we can’t get enough of the way it looks, and during the times we typically have the shoots it is usually pretty clear of people and cars.

Number 2: Theatre District

Ah the Theatre District, another of Buffalo’s most famous locations, possibly the most well known actually. Located on Main street downtown, the area is home to the famous Shea’s Theatre, among others in the area. That provides a great backdrop to it self and the sign is a staple of Buffalo. The surrounding area is also very “city” so you get a lot of the great architecture that buffalo is known for. The Metro rail also runs on Main street so people love using the crossing tracks and as a nice spot. Around the corner is an amazing gigantic mural on the side of the 710 Main Theatre which provides an explosion of color for a background for fun and different shots.


Number 1: Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens of Buffalo were our favorite place this year! As a part of Delaware Park the Japanese Gardens sit behind the Buffalo History Museum. There is amazing trails, statues and stone works, trees, plants of all sorts and the lake. What more could you need! On a nice day you will never want to leave. Even into the fall months the location changes again with the different colors and falling of the leaves. Every time we come here we find a new way to use the space. It seems to never run out of angles and shots. Also a 3 minute walk up to the Museum gives us a lot of the shots with the stone pillars for a look similar (but better in my opinion) to the Art Gallery. There is also Abraham Lincoln so yeah. Now the location is not flawless there can be a few wedding parties here at the same time but it never really is an issue. There are so many spots that not everyone is trying to get the same shot like other spots and we share and all sort of rotate around so it makes for good fun!

That was our Top 10 Locations from this year! Have others you want to share? Comment Below!

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Black Horse Digital Delivery

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For the 2018 Wedding Season Black Horse Videography is rolling out a brand new way to bring you your amazing wedding video! We are using a digital delivery method ““. This is a cloud based platform that stores the content in a server for viewing from any computer.

What does this mean for you?

With our digital delivery, it’s now even quicker and easier to receive your final wedding package. In a world where streaming and digital media is the new standard we are moving to support this. If you still prefer physical media such as Blu-ray, worry not we have options available to accommodate!

Below is a brief tutorial explaining the delivery process:

You will receive an email with the link to your package


It’s as simple as clicking “GET NOW”

It will open up your Digital Wedding Experience in your web browser. (internet connection required)

This works and plays the same way as a DVD or a Blu-ray with a full menu to select from. In the top right corner of the screen there is a download button and a share button. This is so you can save it to your computer to view on other devices and offline. The share feature is good for sending to friends and family.

And it’s as easy as that!

You are all set to enjoy your new Digital Wedding Experience. Have More Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at anytime.


Developing film, worth knowing?

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Today I set out to experience the seemingly lost art that is Developing Film. 

I wanted to try my hand at developing my own film to see if it is worth knowing. Lucky enough for us we have John, who knows a thing or two about the developing and processing of film. Coming from a background in fine arts photography he was taking the roll of grand master in our activity.

Now this isn’t to say that “film is dead”, certainly there is still a fun and amazing place for shooting on film in the digital age and plenty of people do it, but developing and processing is on the down. There are still photo labs open in some areas but are still steadily declining, and convenience stores may do some, but quality and care is always an issue there, luckily you can always send in your roll to one of many online services, where it can be processed and returned. I thought however “bleh! We’ll do it ourselves this time, how hard can it be?”


John took the reigns first preparing the chemicals. The Developer, Stop Bath, and Fixer.

One of the surprisingly important parts was ensuring the temperature of all the liquids and chemicals was at a steady 70 degrees for optimal development. This was a tedious process of stirring and and heating until the temperature was stable.

Once the chemicals were prepped, he rolled his film onto one of the stainless steel reels and into the canister all inside of a changing bag. My initial thoughts here were “wow surely that was a lot harder than he made it out to be” *spoiler alert* this would soon be proven.


Now to actually develop!

With the film secured into the canister the developer could now be administered. With the process now happening John had a timer set to 8 minutes (as dictated to him by a piece of paper), gently agitating the container every 30 seconds to ensure full coverage and few air bubbles.

With the developer done, he drains that and adds the stop bath. This is the chemical that, hence the name, stops the developer from over developing the negative. Much of the same process here, agitating and waiting. At this point I was getting restless and wanted to see the end product already.

The Fixer is the last thing to be run through the container which stabilizes the image and removes the rest of the leftovers.





The Result!

After what seemed like hours (actually about a 20 min process) we were finally able to see what had been shot. with everything looking good the film can be rinsed off and left to dry for eventual scanning. John’s roll of film had some nice looking shots that were processed quite clearly and should give good results.

Seeing that the process had worked so well here I was quite confident to go in with my roll and perfectly copy what John had done, with my zero experience in developing film.


The Rookie

Now it was my turn.

After getting set up with a test roll to put on a reel, I learned very quickly how tedious that process actually was and that was with being able to see. Once I “got the hang” of that I dove into the changing bag and…. well… failed miserably.

So we took a new approach, I did mine in one of our back offices in the pitch black where I at least had room to work. Somehow this worked! I had my roll of film on the reel, and into the canister!

On to developing!

Using the process that John did before, I went through each of the chemicals, growing more impatient to see my photos. As the finals seconds tic’d on the fixer, I drained what was left in the canister and was able to pull the reel out to check on the status of my film.

….and the results were

sub par.

So as you can see there isn’t much of anything going on on that roll of film…

This, I was assured, wasn’t do to the developing process but in the picture taking process… which was still me.

So what is happening with the roll here is that about half of the shots were severely underexposed and a decent chuck at the end had been exposed to too much light at some point. (probably when I opened the back of the camera to see why it wasn’t rewinding) But that is a story for another day.


Final Thoughts

So despite being a little bummed that my roll was null and void, the process of developing film was… interesting. I am not going to brag about how great it is, because I wasn’t feeling a lot of that, it was more of “is it done yet?” While I was tad fascinated with the process and I do think it is an important part of photography to at least learn a little about, I will say that it is worth trying at least once. BUT it certainly made me say…

I’m glad we have digital 


What are your thoughts on developing your own film? Fun? Tedious? Waste of time?



7 Tips for Hiring a Video Company

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When looking for a video company to create a video to promote your business, there are a few important tips to consider. Here we have seven pieces of advice to help you in your search.

1. Have a Strategy and a Clear Message

This is something we have touched on before, but branding and brand identity are the most important thing for a company to have. Before you spend money on advertising and especially on video production, it is important to know who you are as a company. What do you stand for? What is your mission? Before these questions are answered clearly, it isn’t worth spending money on creating a video. We need to know what your company wants to achieve and what your strategy is before we can create a video that promotes you. This is information that is critical for us or any video production company to understand before creating a video to promote you. Without a strong identity, any video you produce will not serve you well.

2. Define your Audience and Purpose

In the past, we have made some pretty amazing videos for clients of ours only to find that they have not marketed them well. No one sees the videos and they do not serve their intended purpose.

If you do not know your target demographic or audience you are trying to reach and don’t have a strategy on how to reach them, paying for a video is a waste of time and money. Before hiring a video production company it is essential that businesses have identified their target demographic and have developed a strategy on how to reach them the best. Posting a video on a Facebook page that has only 100 followers will not serve a business well. Knowing how to push content to reach the target demographic is extremely important and must be done prior to selecting a video production company. The information you provide to the video company will influence how they approach creating your video, writing the script and a variety of other factors.

3. Get Several Quotes

In this particular industry, prices vary greatly from one company to the next. This is due to many factors. Some companies have more staff and overhead than others and can produce higher quality or more technical videos. Other companies are lean and operate on a modest budget. Quality, price and reputation can all vary from one company to the next.

It is recommended that anyone interested in hiring a production company get several quotes and talk to as many companies as they can. Not only is price important, but quality must be considered as well. Get prices, but also compare quality of videos within each company’s portfolio. If you can find a company that has an affordable price and quality videos that match your style, you have found a good one.

4. Find Most Recent Projects

When looking for samples from companies, look for the most recent bed of work. If you are looking at videos several years old, it is not reflective of their current capabilities. Social Media is a good place to look for recent posts and you can always ask to see something more recent when contacting them. Each company grows in talent and skill as time passes. Make sure you are looking at recent work to get a better idea of a video production company’s abilities.

5. Know What the Company you are Hiring Can Do

Consider what you need from a video and also what the company you are considering can do. Do they need to outsource because they don’t have the talent, or do they have a full range of capabilities? A full service video production company can take your unpolished idea and turn it into a fully professional video. The more information you provide, the easier this task is, however here are some of the services a full service company can provide:

-Script Writing/Storyboarding


-Voice Over




-Lighting and Studio



-Licensing and Permits

These are some of the services a professional company can offer. Note that each of these services does cost money. The more that is required of the video production company to create your video, the more costly it becomes.

6. Meet in Person

We always recommend that potential clients meet with the production company in advance of beginning the project. Communication is key. Having a sit down with the people you are considering hiring for a job will give you a clear idea of their capabilities and offerings. They can show you samples specific to your project and brainstorm ideas. This is also a time when you can get professional feedback and input on the possibilities of your specific video. To make sure both you and the production company are on the same page, face-to-face communication is important.

7. You Get What You Pay For

Having a budget is an important part of creating a video. There is nothing wrong with having a small budget. If you only have $800 to spend on a video, you may need to find someone fresh out of college or someone who wants to build their portfolio. Be advised though, that professional companies command a higher price and it shows in the work. These companies have the knowledge, equipment and talent to make your video sizzle. If you would like a video to impress potential customers, know that the ones with the higher price tag will likely achieve that.

How to Write a Wedding Speech

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How to Write a Wedding Speech

If you have been asked to be the Best Man or Maid of Honor for someone’s wedding, it is most certainly an honor. In most circumstances it also requires you to deliver some type of speech or toast. You may be asking yourself “How do I write a Best Man speech?” or “How do I write a Maid of Honor speech?”. This is a common question. Believe it or not, the number one fear of most people is public speaking. Don’t worry though. In this blog post we will give you the best tips and pointers for and help show you how to write a wedding speech.

Tip #1: Begin with a Strong, Funny, or Thought Provoking Statement

The way you begin your speech is the most important. You only have one chance to make a good impression and keep people engaged. Make it count. DO NOT begin your speech with “For those of you who don’t know me…” That is the single most boring way you can begin a speech. There are far more creative ways to introduce yourself. The first thing that you say should be funny, or thought provoking and catch everyone’s attention. This could be a short anecdote, joke or something to ponder.

Tip #2: Have a Plan

Don’t go into the speech blind or think you are going to wing it. The best speeches have outlines or structure. Think about this as an essay. You should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Don’t forget your purpose, which is to honor the Bride and Groom. Everything you say should be heading in that direction.

The Best Speeches will make the audience laugh, make them cry, and make them think. If you can achieve that in your speech, you are in good shape. Plan to tell something whimsical or funny to begin, then move toward the sentimental. Know what you are going to say before stepping in front of the audience and have this mapped out ahead of time.

Tip #3: Keep it Short

Even the best speeches don’t drag on. People are hungry and are waiting for dinner to start. Don’t go on a tirade 15 minutes long. A good length is 4-6 minutes for a speech. Anything longer is going to push peoples’ patience.

Tip #4: Use Simple Language

Make sure your language is conversational. The best way to create a disconnect with your audience is by using language that feels un-natural or forced. Talk to the audience as if they are having a casual conversation with you. Avoid any jargon or inside jokes you might have with the Bride or Groom. No one else will understand your inside story or language that isn’t a part of their everyday life.

Make the audience hear what you hear, see what you see and feel what you feel. Draw upon your senses to put the audience in your shoes. Use descriptive language to transport them into your story.

Tip #5: Don’t Read

PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE! Don’t read your speech from a phone or paper. Have the main points that you’d like to talk about or the stories you want to tell already mapped out. Speeches read from paper or a phone are contrived and seem insincere. Spend plenty of time preparing your speech. Please do not wait until the day of the wedding to think about this and definitely don’t wing it. Not many people can pull that off and we have seen our fair share of train wrecks at wedding receptions. Practice your speech and be prepared before the wedding day.

Tip #6: Use Clean Humor

One of the best ways to make a connection with your audience is by using humor. Especially if the object of the joke is you, or if you are roasting the Bride or Groom.

Nothing is more off-putting or awkward than crude humor or crass language at a formal event. There are many sources for clean jokes you can insert into your speech if you don’t have any ideas of your own. If you want to win the audience over, make them laugh at an unexpected CLEAN joke about yourself or the Bride or Groom.

Tip #7: Leave a Lasting Impression

End your speech with something memorable. Let the audience know that it is time to honor the Bride and Groom, but leave them with a bit of wisdom or a story that puts the Bride and Groom in a shining light. Make the audience proud to be there and that they were invited to such a magnificent event. Leave them with a smile on their face. Thank them for the honor of being a part of the wedding and for including everyone there.

These are a few tips for writing a successful speech at a wedding. Hopefully we will see you at the next one and you will be able to bring the house down.

The Importance of Branding

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A solid brand for a company can help drive a business into success by increasing customer base and instilling confidence in a company.  It is more than just a logo.  A brand goes beyond being just an image and provides a company with an identity.  Good brands are memorable, but great brands are iconic.  Without strategic brand recognition, businesses cannot reach their full potential.  This is why it is so important.

Branding has a lot to do with reputation.  A solid brand from a reputable company goes a long way in instilling confidence with consumers.  It also gives its employees confidence in the company.  How a company handles situations and puts itself out in the world says a lot about the entity and also peoples’ perceptions of it.  Brands can be wonderful tools for a company, but if not handled well, can also lead to their demise.  A company with a poor reputation or one that handles a situation poorly, will reflect upon its business and consumers will react unfavorably.

Black Horse Videography has helped several companies develop their brand and created their business logos.  This is the first step in creating a solid brand.  The logo should be something iconic and easy to remember.  If you take a close look at our center chess piece above, you will notice that the bottom of it is actually a camera lens.  The mane is also supposed to give the impression of a film reel.  These subtle nuances leave an impression on consumers and have meaning.

So why is branding so important and what can it do for your company?


If people don’t know your company exists, it doesn’t matter how well you do what you do.  Having a solid logo and marketing that logo so that your name and business are in the forefront of peoples’ minds is extremely important.  Think about companies whose logos you don’t need to see the name to know them: McDonalds golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, Facebook’s “F”.  They have done a great job branding everything with their logo and making sure it is recognizable.  Get a solid logo, and get it out there.


People are much more likely to visit a store or business whose logo they have seen over and over again.  These companies develop brand authority.  They become seen as the best, even if they aren’t necessarily.  The more people who recognize the brand, the more potential customers will emerge.  Consumers want to have trust in the companies they spend their money with.  Having a solid brand everywhere provides confidence that the business isn’t going anywhere, and trust that they will do a good job.  The message is that the company with the massive brand can be trusted and is the best at what they do.


Employees want to know that the company they work for has a mission.  They want to believe in that mission and know that the company is growing and becoming better.  If they truly believe that they can make a difference and help the company reach new heights and that they can play a part in the company’s success, they too will share it and strive for it.


If you print marketing material, post it online, develop your website or have a video produced for you, branding is crucial.  The first thing we tell any of our commercial clients is to have a solid logo animation to brand their videos.  This provides a polished and professional look.  It creates an authority that the videos consumers are watching are legitimate and worth watching.  They look expensive and make whatever product you sell look official.  Having everything branded with your logo also provides multiple ways for potential customers to see your logo.  The more times they see your logo, the more it is on their mind.

The most successful companies have solid brands.  If you need a brand developed or a logo designed, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

The First Look

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If you are planning your wedding, there is a good chance that you are getting an assortment of advice (some wanted and some not) about how you should plan your big day.  You may even get advice from parents or grand parents who will encourage you to plan your wedding exactly as they had.  Tradition, after all, is a very important thing.  There are many things that are different today from when your parents were married though.  In the days of the last generations, the common tradition was for the bride to be tucked away with her bridesmaids, she gets ready with the girls and the groom anxiously awaits the moment when he sees his bride for the first time at the altar.  It is, as you know, “bad luck” to see the bride on your wedding day before the wedding.  That is not, however, the only way to do things any more.  In fact, in this blog we will talk about the ever increasingly popular First Look.  I will attempt to answer the question “should I do a first look on my wedding day?”

If you aren’t sure what a First Look is, let me explain.  This is a moment when the groom can see the bride BEFORE the wedding ceremony.  It is a time for the big reveal.  He will see his soon-to-be bride for the first time, in her wedding dress, ready to go.  If you would like to see what a First Look is like, please feel free to view some of our sample videos on this website.  We have a multitude of videos that show just how emotional the First Look can be.  If you do watch these videos, you will see the raw emotion that comes out in such a fantastic and sincere way.  It is our job to capture this moment and it is much easier to do when you have control over the environment.  For your videographer and photographer, the First Look is amazing and can get you lots of great photos and video so that you can re-live that moment forever…but enough about my own selfish motivation for the First Look.  There is one major reason why we always advocate for a First Look.  Intimacy.  Rather than sharing a private and intimate moment with the person you have chosen to spend your life with in front of hundreds of staring people, the First Look offers an opportunity to spend quality time with one another in private.  Waiting at the altar is nerve wracking and walking down the aisle can be too.  Everyone you invited is staring and you wait in anticipation.  When you arrive at the altar, you have less than a minute to soak in the moment and tell each other what you think, what you’re feeling, how you think they look etc.  After that brief moment, you are off to the races and engaged in the ceremony.  When you engage in the First Look, you are able to spend quality time with one another and all of the stress and anxiety melt away.  When it comes time to walk the aisle or wait in front of the church, the anxiety is gone, your nerves will calm and you can enjoy the ceremony together.  You already shared a special moment with that one person you love so much.  That moment is yours and yours alone.  You don’t have to share it with everyone in your extended family.

If tradition is important to you and you don’t think you can bring yourself to use this modern method of the First Look, we have another idea for you.  The First Look does not have to be solely between the bride and groom.  The bride can do a first look with her father, mother or anyone else who is important to them BEFORE the ceremony.  This not only helps relieve some of the tension and calms the nerves, but it is also a special moment between the bride and people who are important to her.  Some of the best First Looks we have done have been with a bride and her father.  You have no idea how many weeping dads we have filmed over the years.  These moments are intimate and create a memory that lasts forever.  Your father gets to see his little girl as beautiful as can be one last time before he gives her away.  Having the First Look like this before the ceremony is not only a magical moment, it relieves the anxiety of having that moment and getting emotional just seconds before you walk down the aisle.

Having a First Look is definitely the way to go if you haven’t yet made up your mind.  Share those important moments with someone you love in an intimate setting so that you can forge a memory that will last forever.

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

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If you’ve ever considered hiring a professional video production company to create your next promotional video or advertisement, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the most important question…how much will this cost me? The answer to this is not a straight forward one. It depends on a variety of variables. Hopefully we can provide you with some insight in this article.

What are you producing?

Good production companies will ask you a variety of questions before even agreeing to produce your video. It is extremely important to know all about the company and the purpose of the video before producing it. There are companies out there who will take any pay day and produce a video the client might not even be able to use. Many of our clients come to us with this problem. They paid a good chunk of money to have a video produced, and they cannot use the video or do not like it. The goal for us, is to not only create a quality video that suits our clients’ needs, but to create a relationship with our clients so that they come back to us whenever they need video production. Before understanding what it is we are producing and why we are producing it, we cannot offer a price quote. If a video production company isn’t asking questions such as: What is this video for? Who is your target demographic? Where will this be seen? What is your long term goal for this video? etc. we cannot pinpoint what type of video is needed or how to approach the project. Understanding the project goals and objectives is the first step in providing an accurate quote.

Why are some companies much more expensive than others?

When you call various video production companies, you may find that the price fluctuates and some businesses are more expensive than others.  This is due to several reasons but they all boil down to one…QUALITY.  Make sure you look at sample work from video companies before you decide to hire one.  You will be able to see a distinct difference between a company that produces sub-par work and one that is exceptional.  All videos are not created equal.  You may be able to find someone to produce a video for a small amount of money, but will the end product meet your needs?  When hiring a company, be sure to review the work and that the company can produce what you are imagining or asking for.  Professional companies will have a deep knowledge of how to produce quality videos and will also be able to show you samples.  If you don’t like the samples, chances are, you won’t like your end product.

How is the price determined?

Pricing a video is determined by several factors, but it can be boiled down mostly to the amount of time and man power required to create the video.  The cost is generally determined by factoring in Pre-production, Production, Post-production and licensing.  Pre-production refers to the planning stages of the video creation.  It is most often required for the producers of the video to meet with clients, draft story boards or plans, write scripts, prepare the studio space, or any other type pf pre-planning.  During the production period, the company has to have cinematographers film the event or commercial.  This refers to the time spent actually working with actors, talent or filming.  Post-production is the time required to edit the video.  This is many times the most time consuming aspect of production and if animation is required, it can take a long time.  Licensing is also something to consider.  Professional companies will require licensing for certain projects.  This provides the client with permissions to legally use the video in all of its content to advertise and make money.  All of these things combined is how a production company will determine the price of a project.

How complicated is your project?

There are simple projects, and there are much more robust ones.  To paint this picture, I will describe two examples.  The first is a simple project.  Imagine a self-made, popular, local car salesman who produces hundreds of short commercials.  This may just be him (or her) talking about how great the dealership is in front of a car.  These commercials are cheap, and they look just that…cheap.  There is no production value to them.  They can be produced with a camera and a tripod.  There is relatively no editing involved.  The contrast to this would be a Superbowl commercial.  These take time to produce, may take multiple days to film and take many hours to edit and produce.  These commercials take much more time to create, therefore they are more expensive.  We produce many commercials for clients and one thing that sets them apart from other videos is that we take great care in our productions.  One of the things we do to separate ourselves is we do a great deal of graphic design and animation in our videos (as appropriate).  The animation process is extremely time consuming and can become expensive.  The complexity of the project also has an affect on price.


Any legitimate video production company should have a conversation with their clients about licensing.  This is important because it protects the company and the client from any legal issues that may arise.  There have been many documented instances of people being sued for use of music that has not been licensed.  This can cause unwanted legal trouble or even fines of great magnitude.  Beware of any company that doesn’t provide licensing to music and provide that documentation.  You should also be provided a license to use the video you are contracting for monetary gain.  Understand that the person or company who records an image OWNS that image.  Just because you hired the company to create your video does not mean that you own the images.  The images must be licensed for use by the creator of those images.  If you don’t have a license to use the video, you technically have no rights to it.  Be sure to obtain the proper licensing to any video you will be publishing so you can avoid any legal troubles that may arise.

How much does video production cost?

In returning to the original question of “how much does video production cost”, the answer is…it depends.  What you want to produce will determine the cost.  The more detailed or complicated a project is, the more it will cost.  The reason why you might want to spend more, is because an expensive and elegant commercial will reflect on the company it represents.  When you see cheap advertisements, it reflects upon the company as being cheap.  The tendency is to believe that the company’s products are cheap and/or the services are lesser quality.  Think about what it is you want, and then find a company who can produce it for you in a way that meets your needs.

Unplugged Weddings

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Weddings are joyous occasions meant to celebrate a beautiful moment between two people. Imagine yourself waiting for all of your guests to arrive and the suspense as you are just moments away from walking down the aisle to marry the person you love. Your soon-to-be better half is waiting in anticipation, nervously to see you. The guests wait as you prepare to reveal yourself for the first time to everyone and make your grand entrance with your father or person who will be escorting you to the one you love the most. You cannot wait until the moment comes. Finally, the doors open and you cant wait to see…an ocean of cell phones.

These days almost everyone has a smart phone. I cannot tell you how many weddings I’ve been to where special moments are ruined by iPads, cameras, cell phones and the like. Guests will encroach into the aisle, elbow one another out of the way and muscle each other around to get that perfect shot with their grainy electronic device. There are two major problems with this. Firstly, nothing can ruin a special moment more than being violated by a multitude of devices in your face. Secondly, professional photographers and videographers are expensive and their work cannot be done well with this obstacle in the way.

Live in the moment. Smart phones and digital devices are great, but everything has its place. By viewing such a magnificent moment through a screen, many people miss out on living the experience in real time. It is also distracting to the bride, the groom, and the professionals they hired. I’m sure everyone will be ecstatic that Uncle Tom got his great, center aisle shot of the bride coming down, but do you think she is hoping to see Uncle Tom as she approaches, or perhaps her fiance? If only he had brought his selfie stick to shove in her face as she was walking.

Brides also pay a lot of money to have professional photos and video taken so that they can re-live the day. Do you really want to see this ruined by Aunt Cathy standing in front of the cameras you paid to be there? Maybe if she gets that grainy iPad shot of the first kiss, it will make up for it…unless the photographer misses it because she is in the way. Professional photo and video is expensive. Don’t let be for naught.

So what can be done about this every growing smart phone dilemma? Try having an UNPLUGGED WEDDING. Many people are doing this now and encouraging guests to live in the moment with them by putting their phones and devices away. You can always offer guests copies of the professional photos and video afterwards to encourage them to live with you in that special time. By doing this, you make your day more intimate and also save yourself heart ache by having the best photos and video possible. There are many examples out there of UNPLUGGED WEDDINGS including signage and how to go about executing it. If you still are unsure whether to have an unplugged wedding or not, take a look at the photos in the link below. These are photos from weddings that were not unplugged. When it comes down to it, you must make the decision that is right for you, but as long as you hired top rated photographers and videographers, there is nothing to worry about.


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Should I Hire a Videographer for My Wedding?

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This is a question we hear all the time “Should I hire a videographer for my wedding?” If you are on the fence about hiring a videographer for your wedding day, this article is a must-read. We won’t tell you that you should or shouldn’t but we will rather give you some insight that will help you drive your decision. When it boils down to it, you have to do what’s right for you. So the big question becomes “is wedding videography right for me?” Let’s look at a few insights.

Video production is a relatively new phenomenon in the grand scheme of history. It wasn’t until this past decade that video equipment reached a point in technology where it is portable and produced quality images. Today’s equipment is light-years beyond what it was when your parents or grandparents got married. The videos are much different. They are cinematic and tell a story as opposed to Uncle Bob putting a tape recording camera on a tripod in the back of the church. Now you can get very high quality videos. Photography used to rule the day as well. Before video, it was all about photography. The paradigm is now changing and people haven’t quite caught up to it yet. We are embedded in the custom of hiring a photographer without video, but that’s because video wasn’t a good product in the past. Videos are much better QUALITY than they were in the past.

One of the biggest regrets that we hear over and over again from people who watch our videos is that they regret not getting a videographer. You can read all about this on the Knot or Weddingwire from numerous people who have written about this but the fact remains, it is the number one regret from modern brides. In most cases we find that brides decide much too late in the game that they do want a video, but they have already spent their budget on flowers, chair covers and other items for their wedding. We also find that the only reason most people who do not get a video for their wedding is that they didn’t want to spend the money. Let’s be honest though; if I told you our services were free, would you hire us? The answer is always a resounding YES, but we understand that a budget is set and people cannot always live outside their means. There is VALUE in having a wedding video. If it were FREE, everyone would do it.

Before I got into the wedding video business, I hired a guy I know to film our wedding. I paid him $800 for this video and needless to say we got what we paid for. The video is not very good quality and the audio is far from professional. This video is actually what spring-loaded me into starting Black Horse Videography. The funny thing is, however, that I am extremely grateful I have this $800 video. My Grandfather gave a speech at my wedding. My Grandmother danced with me and told me that she loved me. My wife’s uncle got to share a dance with her. All of these people have passed away (shortly after our wedding) and are no longer with us. Their memory will always live on in that video. Having A video is much better than having NO video.

On your wedding day there will be a lot of people in attendance. There will be many things happening all around you. The day will go by in a blink. There are many things you will not see or experience. Without a video, you will never see your bride’s maids walk down the aisle before you. You won’t see the tears roll down your Husband-to-be’s face as he waits for you in anticipation. You will not see what he is doing before your ceremony or he – you. You won’t remember what was said during the speeches or any other sentimental things that happen. This is why we feel it is important to have a video. Without a videographer, you are left to stress about remembering everything and soak in as much as you can, because the day will fly by. Videographers can offer PEACE OF MIND on your wedding day.

In the end, you will only have two things left after your wedding. You will not have the chair covers, ice sculptures or flowers. You will not remember what was said or how the food you paid for tasted. You will not remember what songs the DJ played on the dance floor. The only two things you will have left after your wedding day are PHOTOS and VIDEO. If you don’t think video is right for you, there is nothing wrong with that. Hopefully this post will help you make an educated decision and help you weigh the value of a wedding video. The paradigm, however, has shifted and where video was once an added extra that people paid for only if they had extra money in their budget, is now becoming the first priority for many modern brides.